Friday, 30 August 2019

Stitch Your Own Adventure

What the [BLEEP] is a Stitch Your Own Adventure you ask...

Well, remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that you used to get? Where it would come to a part in the story and it would ask you a question or have you make a choice, and that would direct you to a different page, which would change the story that you got.

This is like that...

You'll read a story (well, of sorts) and it will come to points where you have to make a choice. What choices you make will not only direct you to new story elements, but to new PATTERN elements. These elements can be totally different backgrounds and/or they can be single objects you have to place into the pattern itself. We're using anchor points to help you match up where these drop in elements should be placed, they appear in the pattern as bright pink knots, they've not to be stitched they're only there to help you place elements into your design.

A spoiler free example (not in the story line at all, no worries) would be that your character meets someone for a meal. One of the decisions could be WHICH meal you have; Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. (or maybe second breakfast?)

Each meal option would have a different background; say Lunch would be an open lunch box while dinner would be a fancy plate. Let's say we're having dinner...

The different design elements that you could have would be the food your character would be eating. So you would have patterns for Chicken, Pork, Steak etc etc for dinner and you would pick one and place it on the plate using the anchor points. If we had gone with Breakfast or Lunch, different foods would have been available, croissant, sandwich, apple, etc etc.

This means that while you will all be following the pattern, EVERYONES final outcome will be different, which is kinda awesome. But, it does also means that I can't supply a full list of what floss you'll use.

Full instructions on how this works, as well as hints and tips from the test stitchers, can be found in this handy document. HERE

We've tried to make this as easy as possible, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. If you're brand new to cross stitch I would recommend to do some other, smaller projects first. There are plenty in the Pattern Archive. Don't let that warning scare you off though :)

Come back on the September 1st for the Introduction (aka the Frame)... which yes, has a SYOA element in it. Doing the maths, I think it works out at 216 possible outcomes for the frame alone (I did warn you that this is EPIC). Chapter 1 will be released on Jan 1st 2020, and there will be 2 months between each chapter release.

The months in between the releases I will be going behind the scenes. Letting you see the thought process, the research trips and the reference pictures used to put this all together.

oh... and did I mention... like all my projects... it's FREE...
(Well, I would appreciate a kofi as thanks if you are able/willing)

There is also a facebook group to discuss all thing SAL/SYOA, which you can join HERE

Also, there will be a sneak peek at the frame later today!