Saturday, 31 August 2019

Stitch Your Own Adventure 2020: Floss List

The Floss List is usually the first sign of what's to come with a Stitchalong.

It lets you know the palette and (if you're like me) you try to guess what it is that you're going to be stitching. If you're more normal then you'll try to work out what the best fabric is to get.

A Floss List for the Stitch Your Own Adventure is a little more complicated. Because there are some colours that you will definitely need, and some colours that you'll only need if you select certain options.

Please don't be daunted by the list!

I've broken it down for you, so that you can see overall what is mandatory and what is optional; but also by chapter. Yes, the list is long, but about a third of the colours are optional, and there are some colours that you won't need until later in the year. Even then I have done all that I can to reduce the colour count as much as possible, without losing the detail that I want to have.

Spreadsheets got involved.

You can download the Floss List HERE

Fabric wise; the dimensions of the piece are: 250stitches x 250stitches
You can use Aida or Linen, but keep in mind that there are fractional stitches.

I also have some exciting news for you fabric wise, I have been working with a well known fabric dyer to create some custom fabric just for this project. Details of that will be in the launch post tomorrow!

There is also now a facebook group to discuss all thing SAL/SYOA, which you can join HERE