Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Something EPIC this way comes...

Guess what time it is...

... it's time to start gearing up for NEXT YEARS stitch-a-long!

[don't throw things at me, I know it's only August and that you've yet to finish the Fans of Epbot SAL, those will still be coming in their regular instalments don't you worry]

Next years is going to be somewhat... different... from anything you have done before. The most common word used by my team of test stitchers to describe this is "EPIC". In fact, that has become one of our codewords for it "Epic2020". It's taken about 1.5 years of design, development and testing (seriously, MAJOR shout out to my test stitching team- and yes, I needed a TEAM of test stitchers this time round) and taken about 10 years off my life expectancy.

I know it may seem early in the year to drop information about 2020s SAL, but talking to the test stitchers, you're gonna want the extra time to get fabric sorted and the frame stitched.

I have also created a facebook group HERE so that you can all share your progress and discuss the stitch-a-long.

But this isn't your typical stitch-a-long...

Instructions on how it will work will be published on the 30th August, with the theme and frame being released on September 1st, but for now, I'll give you these four magical words:

Stitch Your Own Adventure