Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Hero We Need Right Now

On 15th March, less than one week ago now, a mad man entered two Mosques in Christchurch and killed 50 people.

My immediate reaction was to check on my friend in New Zealand, who happens to be one of the test stitchers for next years SAL. This isn't something that they have experienced before. They were shaken. Terrorist attacks were always something that happened somewhere else, and it always becomes more real when it happens in your country.

Living in the UK, I've some experience of living through it. And I wanted to help.

There are few ways to comfort a friend that lives on the other side of the planet. I wanted to pop round with ice cream and cookies and cuddles. I wanted to help her build a cave out of sofa cushions she could hide in until the bad stuff went away. Mainly, I wanted to be there.

She posted up this on her facebook:

If Captain Marvel was the hero that she needs now, then Captain Marvel was going to be there for her.

I set to work, and put together this pattern for her.
A pattern just for her, so that she could remember all her friends all over the world. Something that would remind her of her own strength, and the strength of her country. A pattern that could give comfort and distraction from the evil in the world.

I told her that the pattern is hers. That it wouldn't appear here without her permission. This morning she told me that she wanted Captain Marvel to help other people too.

So here she is, here to help all those that need it. Normally I put a link to my Ko-Fi account on all my patterns, but on this one the link is to Give A Little, a charity raising money to help support the victims and their families. I ask that if you do use this pattern, then donate to a victim support charity.

The pattern can be downloaded HERE
It should fit in a 6inch hoop on 18ct, or a 8inch hoop on 14ct.