Monday, 11 March 2019

Our First Birthday!

Can you believe it?! Cunning Cross Stitch is one year old today!

And to celebrate, I'm going to do something special


That's right! for 24hours every single one of our patterns will be 100% free... JUST LIKE EVERY SINGLE OTHER DAY!

But seriously, thank you to you all for being so lovely and supportive this past year. I've gone from messing around with a cheap iPad program to having the proper tools for the job. We had our first Stitchalong in the BookSAL, and FoESAL is well underway (and hopefully you're all enjoying it).

I have learned a lot, and I look forward to you seeing the benefit of what I have learned.

And while it may look like not a lot is getting put up here at the moment, don't you worry, I am working on something HUGE that will be launched later this year. I'm still full of ideas. Once I get through that huge project, I have plans for:
- Disney
- Discworld
- Harry Potter
- Warehouse 13
- Boardgames

... and that's just to name but a few very broad subjects haha