Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Statement on JKR's anti-trans stance

Hello all,


I just want to take a moment while we adventure on through our Letters from Hogwarts SYOA to address the actions of JK Rowling. As I am sure you are aware JK Rowling has recently, during Pride month, been doubling down and re-enforcing her anti-trans beliefs. It deeply saddens me that the author of a series that shows that love is the strongest force, and that people should not be considered lesser because of who they fundamentally are, should believe or act this way.


I design geeky cross stitch patterns based on the fandoms that I love, and I know that I am not alone in struggling with associating the Wizarding World that we love with the toxic behavour of it's author. I will be continuing to publish the Letters from Hogwarts SYOA, and I may in the future design other patterns to do with the Wizarding World, because I know that the Wizarding World by itself is a source of joy and comfort to many, but please don't take that as me condoning the anti-trans beliefs or actions of JK Rowling.


Cunning Cross Stitch is now and always has been trans-inclusive.

People have, rightly, pointed out that RuPaul has a history of anti-trans sentiments. Given that there is a mini-SAL just starting here based on RuPauls Drag Race, I'm adding the fact that Cunning Cross Stitch also does not echo the RuPauls anti-trans sentiments or actions as well.