Wednesday, 1 April 2020

SYOA LfH: Chapter 2 BTS

As you know, the Chapters for the Letters from Hogwarts Stitch Your Own Adventure will be released every 2  months. The month in between I'll be giving you a glimpse behind the scenes. I'll be showing you some of the reference photos, some stats and thoughts on the choices/options, initial design sketches, times my test stitching team wanted to kill me...

It would also be good to feature some photos of what your outcome is so far so, please feel free to email them to scunningham85 -at-

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Behind the Scenes: Chapter 2

Now that you've settled into the SYOA, it was time to start using the anchor points a bit more. [evil grin]

Hey, I get to be evil a little... factoring in Chapter 2 we now have 37 different design elements. Given that a regular SAL only has 12, that's over 3 times the number of elements, and we're only on Chapter 2! And as for the possible outcome count:

outcomes at end of Chapter 1=864
Outcomes in Chapter 2 = 4
Outcomes in SYOA so far = 864*4 = 3,456

(this is assuming my maths is correct - which may be a big assumption)

My initial concept for this Chapter was going to look a lot different. It was initially going to be a folded up uniform with various items such as broom polish and goggles etc dotted around/on it depending on which position you were wanting to play.

Part of the reason that it changed was that I figured that combined with the house banner directly above it, that it would be a big block of the one colour directly in the middle of the final piece.

In terms of research of this, it was mainly straight forward. I already knew the four quidditch positions. This didn't stop me giving a friend that was going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida a photo treasure hunt of quidditch supplies and goods. (This was before I had my trip to the Harry Potter Studios booked).

I knew for definite that I wanted to have the uniform in there in some sort of way.
Fun little fact for you all I learned during the studio tour (my tour, not my friends trip to Florida). In the scenes where they were wearing the Quidditch uniforms and were actually flying, the uniform they wore on set didn't actually have the cape! They added it later so that they could get the flying effect correct. The ones they wore walking about before/after matches had the cape bit on. I may have quietly have taken this as slight permission to not have the cape element in the finished pattern.

Also if Edna Mode says No Capes... then who am I to argue!

The chasers quaffle at one point was known as the "flying panties" among the test stitchers, which may have resulted in some minor tweaks of it's pattern.
The original "flying panties"

in my defence, they are an awkward shape

It was the bats above that I tried to emulate with the Beater clubs that I used.

Story wise I was going to have the main character try out for ALL the positions, and then you would pick which position that you wanted. But that didn't quite feel Choose Your Own Adventure enough, and I ended up taking the whole chapter apart and putting it back together. If you haven't already read through all the various options, I was rather chuffed with how I managed to interconnect events in each perspective.

Something you might not realise, is that for each individual element I need to have a separate drawing file. Which only becomes an issue when I need to make sure that all the colours symbols match on ALL the diagrams. It was only AFTER I finished creating this chapter that I worked out how to use the program to store all the palette and the symbols that I need, but I kept a big A2 sheet with ALL the floss numbers, descriptions and symbols on it so that I could double check and cross reference everything.

I was going through that for every single element... I kicked myself when I found out about the palette features in WinStitch that would do it all for me!

Don't be like me, learn from my mistakes


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And check out these two adventurers taking their SYOA to the Harry Potter Studios (before all the lockdowns)!!

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