Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Tak Board

For ages now I have had this idea for a cross stitch pattern in my head. A cross stitched Tak Board, that could be used as a bag to hold all the pieces required to play a game.

And a while back, I got to put something together for it. I was being a substitute gifter in a craft exchange, and one of the things that I made was an exclusive pattern just for them (they were also a boardgame fan, so it seemed ideal). I promised that their pattern would be exclusive to them, and it still is, this pattern is based off it, but I have changed a chunk of it :)

The design in the middle square, incase you're struggling to figure out what it says, is the word "tak" which reads both ways up. So both players would be able to read it at the same time :)

The game Tak is one that was created by Cheapass Games, based on the fictional game referenced in The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. If you want to learn how to play it, then you can find the rules HERE.

Or you can watch the video here!

The pattern can be found for free HERE

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