Monday, 10 December 2018

Steotchalong 6 Alternative Endings

If you haven't heard of Steotch, or the Steotchalong, before then you are really missing out.

They are masters at running a Stitch-a-long that will keep you guessing. You will literally know NOTHING about the piece that you are creating until the very end, and at the end they will give you options.

They know though, that people will want to make their own endings, and will encourage that (which is also awesome of them) and they publish a full alphabet for people to use to construct their own design.

I wanted to make some designs that fell more into my friends (and FoEs) interests, so I quickly threw these alternative endings together. None of them have been test stitched. I've done these quickly in the knowledge that the team challenge (yes, a stitch-a-long that has team challenges) says that we need to FINISH by the end of the year... which isn't that far away now... So feel free to adjust, add details etc as you wish

Here are my Alternative Endings to the phrase "Home is where the..."
Home is where the castle is.
The disney castle is a magical home

Home is where the Doctor takes me.
Cause who else wants to be whisked away by the Doctor?

Home is where the Hogwarts Express goes.
Cause Hogwarts would feel like home.

Home is where the castle is.
Hogwarts style, cause I also had to do a Hogwarts one

Home is where the journey begins.
For the Lord of the Rings fans

Home is where the [press middle button and share]
You know... like those facebook games...

Home is where the spoons are recovered
Cause lets face it, it's true

Home is where the TARDIS lands
It's like a home away from home.

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My Alternative Endings patterns can be found HERE, and as always, if you want to say thanks, you can get me a coffee