Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Here comes FoE SAL!

Slightly earlier than scheduled, because I am impatient!

Hopefully you've all recovered from the FoE Book SAL, but that was just a practice run for the FoE SAL 2019...

That's right, I have designed a SAL for the members of the Fans of Epbot facebook group. Non-members are of course more than allowed to take part, or use any of the patterns as it's own separate little pattern. (my test stitcher Sharyn has said that she is planning on making Christmas presents with them individually)

What's the theme you ask? The many Fandoms of FoE!

As you may notice, comparing Squee (the robot) in the middle above to the pattern, they are different. This is due to this being somewhat a learning curve for me... Thankfully Sharyn didn't kill me for making these changes. Love you Sharyn!

Here's from when I stitched him later!

With running the Secret Santa and Unbirthday gift exchanges for FoE, I have handy statistical information about the groups most popular fandoms, and have picked one a month to feature. Unlike the BookSAL, this isn't a countdown, they aren't in any particular order besides what would make stitching easier.

Also, this will be more traditional in that it will be once a month, with the patterns being scheduled to be released right here on the blog just after midnight (UK Time) on the first of each month, starting on Jan 1st 2019.

Untraditionally though, there is no frame, only this title banner in the middle. That's right, no tedious boxes (!), we're keeping it simple.

Your starting information, such as threads and fabric etc, as well as the pattern for the frame, can be found HERE

As always, my patterns are FREE (yes, even year long stitch-a-longs), if you would like to show some appreciation then feel free to buy me a coffee