Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Hedgehog Song

I created this pattern as part of a gift exchange in a facebook group that I am in (Fans of Epbot).

The person that I was gifting too was a particular fan of the witches from Terry Pratchetts Discworld series of books (which is also a personal favourite of mine). This pattern is inspired by the great Nanny Ogg and her love of drunkenly singing about the Hedgehog, and how it can never be buggered at all...
And yes, the choice of pillow was totally intentional

Something that I did learn from this was PROOF READING. I had initially designed and stitched the pattern to read "Could never be buggered at all" rather than "Can never be buggered at all"
This is pre-frogging, and crying, and booze...

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