Thursday, 7 June 2018


It may not be widely known, but I work part time as a boardgame demonstrator. Which means I go to stores and events and teach people how to play boardgames.

Possibly one of the best jobs in the world...

We have a game that is ALWAYS played when we demonstrate, Dobble (or as the Americans call it; Spot It). So this year, when the senior demonstrators were figuring out what to give our managers as our yearly thank you present at the end of UK Games Expo, I offered to stitch two of the cards for the Assistant Managers. (My friend was going to stitch something different for THE manager).

So, here is the back of the card:

And here is how it stitched up! Yes it is mostly computer generated, but I made some tweaks to it as well... It's designed to fit a 4 inch hoop exactly with 18ct aida.

You can get the pattern for free HERE; remember, if you like my work then get me a coffee as a thank you :)

Yup, I even backed them all pretty like as they were a gift